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The Dracula Had An Aardvark Theory

Which, see below. I’ve started boiling situations into a +1, a 0, or a -1, and at rare instances a +2 or -2. If the President is lampooned, for instance, about a third of the people will see it as … Continue reading

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All-Dialogue Horror Flash Fiction

“You’ll have to explain that concept to me again.” “Okay. Listen. The desert is totally flat and free of obstruction between here and those mountains about fifty miles away. Not even a road. And there is no one out there. … Continue reading

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All-Dialogue Meta Flash Fiction

“What are you listening to? It sounds like techno.” “It is.” “It’s called techno?” “Electronic dance music.” “What’s the name of the band? Have I heard of them?” “Sniffed By Kittens. No you haven’t heard of them.” “Sniffed … what?” … Continue reading

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Karen Stevenson

I was in Pine Rest Hospital, in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1987, when I was fifteen. I ran into her there, on the Short Term Unit. I had just come in from the Crisis Unit, and she came in a … Continue reading

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