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“existential claustrophobia”

love is the unconditional God, and justice is the conditional God. i don’t want the injustice of first being broken inside to later found the justice against my involuntary hate. my purpose is not supposed to be a pressure cooker’s … Continue reading

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I’m What’s Known As A “Difficult Patient”

A baffled nurse from “Africa” (the, frickin’ … continent) said to me once, “Why can’t you be grateful? You have a bed, you have food, you have medical care.” And I said to him, “Because this isn’t where I live, … Continue reading

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A Musical Example Of Mental Health Awareness

I think of a time in my life as the time I was a “mannequin”. That name is because of the Wire song all about people who go to parties and stand there afraid. Well, you’re a waste of space. … Continue reading

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